FS-160-FPMT Drum Trolley Filter

In every instance where diesel or oil is used, regardless of the type of application, it is imperative to ensure the best possible hydrocarbon ISO cleanliness.

A little known fact is that each foreign contaminant has the ability to create up to 3 new wear particles, this wear generation grows exponentially, slowly degrading the lubricant and the components that are being lubricated. New oil can contain up to 40 Million contaminants per liter within the 4 micron range, which are not addressed with standard OE filtration.
With Filter Focus the result is an unmatched ISO oil cleanliness rating, longer component life, lower cost of ownership and higher equipment reliability. 
Our systems continuously remove contamination as it enters, breaking the chain of contamination growth and wear generation, returning your oil to a cleaner than new condition. With simple operation philosophy, we remove free water, dissolved water and particulate contamination faster than it enters or is generated.
Filter Focus micro-fine purification systems are highly effective. (1 micron nominal) As clear market leaders our systems are designed for high contamination holding, as is necessary on the African continent. With an estimated cost of less than 60 South African cents (R0.60) per gram removed, our systems are up to 25 times more cost effective than any other global competitor. Filter Focus is the logical choice influid cleanliness and life extension of industrial machinery.

Typical System Applications:
ISO 32-68
• Turbine Lubrication
• Hydraulic Systems
• High Speed Bearings
• Bulk Tank
ISO 100 -220
• Crusher lube tank
• Engine Oil
• Trunnion bearing
• Gear box
• Bulk Tank
Model FS-160-FP9MT FS-160-FP24MT
Filter Elements 3 x 20” FE -20-CMS 3 x 20”FE -20-CMS
Pump Type Flow Pro FP6 pump with 4 pole motor Flow Pro FP25 pump with 6 pole motor
Flow rate (L/min) 8.64 24
Motor (V) 220V AC 220V AC
  380V AC 380V AC
  525V AC 525V AC
Height : 1700mm
Width:    1000mm
Depth:    950mm

Technologies We Use

  • seal saver

  • seal saver

  • turbowerx

  • Oil Watch

  • ATS Electrolube