About Us

The WEAR CONTROL GROUP, holding company was formed in order to consolidate expertise. Our aim is to provide industry with substantial and quantifiable improvements to Plant and Asset protection, while diligently considering and conserving the environment. We combine expertise in the fields of Filtration, Lubrication and Tribology in order to offer an advanced and comprehensive service to our Customers.

Our philosophy at the Wear Control Group is one which encompasses the protection and optimisation of Plant and Equipment through sound tribological principles, providing practical and proven solutions, yielding considerable financial benefit for our Customers.

Filter Focus SA (Pty) Ltd
, formed in January 2002 with the aim of establishing the concept of combination filtration. As such we have solidified our position as market leaders in hydrocarbon ISO cleanliness for “in operation” lubricants. Filter Focus strives to eliminate contamination related wear and failures in heavy industrial equipment. It is a fact that there is no such thing as oil or diesel which is clean enough. The cleaner the oil or diesel, the longer your equipment will last.

Filter Focus specialises in the development, design and manufacture of high efficiency, high capacity, ultra-fine, off-line filtration systems. Our systems are specifically designed to remove large volumes of contamination, quickly efficiently and cost effectively.

Integrated Fluid Technologies (Pty) Ltd, formed in March 2003 to assist and market and compliment the technologies developed under Filter Focus. IFT provides the market with add-on services such as lubrication, filtration services and rental options, oil analysis, reliability engineering, and predictive and preventative maintenance.

Throughout industry, the science of Lubrication and Filtration has been grossly neglected. It is commonly accepted that the lubricants supplied are adequate for the task and that the filtration supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturers will protect machine components. However, this is unfortunately not the case.
In-line filtration is a minimum protection at best, with Filter Focus on your side, you can now close the technology gap.

Progress in these areas of operation can, and will appear on your bottom line as dramatic improvements to equipment reliability, availability, reduced maintenance and bottom line profit.

Filter Focus has combined the most efficient and cost effective filtration solutions with the world’s most advanced range of lubricating oils and greases. Huge technological gains have been achieved in lubrication in recent years.


If it is oil that ‘keeps the wheel of industry turning’, and the wheel depends on lubricant in order to turn. Then it is obvious to state that the quality of the lubricant and the condition and cleanliness of the lubricant is directly proportional to the profit generated by ‘the turning wheel’.

a. If the oil in the wheel is frequently changed, it will cost more to move the wheel from A to B.
b. If the lubricant in the wheel is contaminated, the wheel will fail and result in undesired costs in order to move the wheel from A to B.

It thus stands to reason that if the lubricant on the wheel was the most technically advanced lubricant available and was kept clean with the most innovative filtration systems, then the wheel will turn indefinitely, thereby ensuring maximum profits.


Our aim is to reduce operating expenditure and increase equipment reliability and life while diligently considering and conserving the environment. We strive for total asset protection.

The current global financial crisis has unfortunately added salt to the wound and has brought all Industry to a point where every penny has to be justified. Budgets have been streamlined and unnecessary expenditure is no longer an option. Available budgets therefore need to be spent wisely.


  1. Provide a generous and immediate return on investment.
  2. Reduce the negative effect that an operation has on the Environment.
  3. Ensure overall Asset protection.
  4. Reduce operating expenditure.
  5. Maximize plant efficiency, reliability and availability.
  6. Maximize production.


  1. Lubrication is addressed on critical areas of the plant with superior technology so as to ensure optimal efficiency and better performance, leading to quantifiable cost reductions.
  2. Filtration is addressed so as to ensure optimal life of lubricants and equipment.
  3. Oil storage, distribution and handling techniques are addressed and Best Practices implemented
  4. Oil analysis and Condition monitoring is used as a tool to monitor plant conditions and quantify improvements.


1. The plant or equipment is audited in order to establish the current situation with regards lubrication and filtration and thereby determining our starting point.

2. All current data is gathered from each component, where available, in the form of:

  • Oil analysis
  • Lubricant type
  • Current lubricant consumption
  • Operating temperatures
  • Electricity consumption
  • Vibration analysis
  • Type of filtration currently used
  • Plant availability
  • Operating environment

3. All data is compiled so as to identify where improvements need to be implemented.

4. After implementation of improvements, all relevant data is again compiled and savings are calculated by comparing the results after upgrade to those obtained prior to upgrade.

5. The Filter Focus guarantees include:

  • Superior cleanliness levels of lubricants in operation
  • Reduction in power consumptions
  • Vastly improved performance and Reduction in lubricant cost on open gears
  • Reduction in disposal of used lubricants
  • Reduction in oil purchases
  • Life extension on Plant and Equipment


  1. Improved efficiency,
  2. Longer equipment life expectancies
  3. Reduced Oil consumptions and handling
  4. Increased environmental responsibility
  5. Reduced maintenance and operating costs,
  6. Less inventory of replacement parts and reduced expenditure on consumables
  7. Reduced downtime
  8. Improved asset protection,
  9. Increased profits with logical, proven solutions



Technologies We Use

  • seal saver

  • turbowerx

  • Oil Watch

  • ATS Electrolube