Anti-rust coating seals in savings (Sparks)

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An easy-to-apply and environmentally-friendly corrosion protection solution for non-porous surfaces - RustPrufe - removes the need to repair damage to steel surfaces that occurs during extended storage periods or shipping and handling.
The solution is available through wear control specialist, Filter Focus, a Wear Control Specialist employed by the company says that RustPrufe is a painted or sprayed-on acrylic polymer emulsion that dries “to form a seamless, skin-tight weather and UV-resistant protective barrier”.
He adds that motors, valves, gears, and shafts are often subjected to harsh climatic conditions, and RustPrufe is a durable, cost-effective and user-friendly option that protects these costly components.
"RustPrufe is acid-resistant and has been successfully used to protect electric motors in acid plants on numerous South African mines;' he says, adding that the solution is also utilised in the fertiliser industry where it is applied to earthmoving machinery to protect the equipment from nitrates that corrode metal.
Another advantage of this product is that components do not have to be sanded down or rust treated.
“When RustPrufe has been applied, the product is peeled off by hand to reveal a clean and rust-free surface, As a result, cost savings during routine maintenance and repair shutdowns are significant,” he says,
Unlike traditional tape, wax and oil coatings that have to be scraped off and cleaned with solvents, RustPrufe does not leave any residue. Should any tears or perforations appear, these can be sealed by simply applying the solution to any exposed areas with a paintbrush.
As the product doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, there are no harmful fumes and the solution can be applied in confined spaces without personnel having to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).
“RustPrufe is environmentally friendly and, with zero toxicity, the coating can be safely disposed of in landfills.” the specialist concludes.
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