Filter Focus introduces electric motors

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Motion Control

Filter Focus has added the internationally recognised range of ABLE electric motors to its offering. Filter Focus says that the company became a local ABLE distributor in late 2015. “We focus on implementing improvements for our customers. Extending the life of equipment is not only limited to lubrication and filtration, but also to higher quality hardware such as ABLE electric motors, which are available in power ranges from 0,18 to 315 kW.”
The motors are available in cast iron or aluminium housing options, with energy efficiency ratings that include IE1 standard efficiency; IE2 high efficiency; IE3 premium efficiency; and IE4 super-premium efficiency. IE1 and 2 motors are ideally suited to South African industry as they have a balance between cost and efficiency. IE3 and 4 motors ensure considerable long-term energy savings but are still generally regarded as being too capital-intensive for the local market.
A major benefit of this new distribution agreement is that all ABLE electric motors come with a three-year warranty, which is far superior to the industry standard two-year warranty. The company also offers a one-year warranty on the bearings. Filter Focus says: “Most bearing manufacturers offer a standard 12 month warranty. We add value by recommending the most suitable lubricants for specific bearings in order to extend their lifespan. We also provide thermal inspection and thermal reports. In addition we can waterproof the electric motors on request – a service that most distributors cannot offer.”

Technologies We Use

  • seal saver

  • turbowerx

  • Oil Watch

  • ATS Electrolube