Fluid quality monitoring for asset health management

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The Trident QM 3100 is developed by Poseidon Systems and was officially introduced into the local market in early 2016 by wear control specialist, Filter Focus. This online sensing device uses electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) technology to measure fluid properties and provide insight into fluid health. Filter Focus Wear Control specialists say EIS technology measures a fluid’s impedance spectrum and tracks its health.

“The EIS method injects a signal into the fluid via one electrode and receives a response signal on a secondary electrode. The impedance spectrum provides multiple condition indicators which can be used to assess the lubricant’s additive package health, monitor breakdown and identify oil top-ups, contaminants and contamination events. It is ideally-suited for engine oils and gearboxes,” they explain.

The Trident QM 3100 can measure fluids ranging between temperatures of -40 and 150°C and is sealed according to IP67 specifications, with a maximum operating pressure of 10,3 bar. The device has no moving parts, is easy to install, and is compatible with CAN-J1939 and RS-485-Modbus RTU communications platforms. “The QM 3100 provides users with the control to improve their health management practices by enabling informed maintenance decisions based on real-time information,” the specialists conclude.

Technologies We Use

  • seal saver

  • turbowerx

  • Oil Watch

  • ATS Electrolube