RustPrufe Durafilm

DuraFilm is a superior protective film for sealing, or prevention of rust, corrosion and tarnishing on various surfaces.

Some Common Uses:
  • The sealing and protection of circuit boards and electrical connectors, from rust and corrosion which takes place in moist and harsh environments, for example fertilizer storage areas, acid plants and electric motors in industry and even residential gate motors.
  • Protect brass hinges, handles and hardware that are prone to tarnishing primarily in our coastal regions.
  • Seal leaking skylights by spraying a few coats on all suspected leaking joints. Protect any steel surface from corrosion.
  • Seal electrical light fittings from corrosion, dramatically extending the life of these fittings. Simply spray a few coats in the connection and on the bulb fitting

RustPrufe Non-flam

Rust Prufe is a water based,  non-ammable advanced protective coating for most non-porous surfaces.
Features and Benefits
  • Can be used as a permanent non-flam preventative coating
  • Eliminates the need to replace or repair damaged surfaces.
  • Protection during storage and transportation
  • Protection of valves, gears, shafts and motors etc. 
  • Forms skin-tight protection
  • Keeps the surface looking and feeling like new
  • Easy, fast and safe to applys
  • Even suitable for foot and vehicle traffic areas
  • Will not leave a residue when removed like traditional tapes
  • Easy to repair if damaged
  • Easy to remove
Generator Floors and Factory Floors 
This product has been used in many different applications especially generator rooms and factory floors. The ideal application is in an environment where additional flame retardant properties are required. This is a water based product, making application safe and easy. If the product is damaged it can simply be repaired with a brush or roller. The product will always chemically bond to itself. For best results the product should be applied by airless spray. Please request separate flammable test certificate to assess if this product meets your required specification. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request.
Enviromentally Friendly
Rust Prufe is a water based environmentally friendly coating that can be disposed of safely in landfills.
  • No plastic blowing around site
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Completely safe to person applying product


RustArmour Permanent

RustArmour Permanent is a clear one part, co-polymer acrylic coating, which is water based and environmentally friendly.  
    Coated versus non- coated steel bolts

The product is used as a heavy duty protection, to prevent rust and corrosion on earthmoving and industrial equipment, operating in highly acidic and corrosive environments. RustArmour Permanent has been formulated with a high quality flash rust inhibitor.

Product Benefits
 • Highly acid resistant
 • UV stable
 • Crystal clear finish - allows application directly over existing colour of equipment.
 • Clear finish allows simple visual inspection of coated surfaces
 • Extremely flexible - Anti Crack
 • Minimal surface preparation required
 • Can be applied onto painted or bare metal surfaces
Wheel Loader during application
Wheel Loader after application
Same Wheel Loader after operating in a fertiliser facility for six months


RustPrufe Removable

Advanced Anti-Rust

Product Information
RustPrufe Advanced Anti-Rust is a temporary peelable protective coating designed to  protect steel and metal surfaces from damage caused by; flash rusting, abrasion, staining, spillage, weathering and scratching. The liquid applied coating dries to form a  tough waterproof film that will protect metal surfaces for up to 12 months. 
Material Type: Water based.
Clear. Also available in any colour pigment upon request. 
Health & Safety:
The compound is non-toxic and non-flammable in the wet state. The dry film waste may be disposed of as low hazard. 
Please see separate Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Shelf life 24 months. Store at temperatures between 5°C - 25°C.
Steel, metals and other porous surfaces.
Rust Inhibitor: RustPrufe has been formulated to include a flash rush inhibitor.

Application Information
The contents of the container should be mixed thoroughly before use. Always conduct a  test area and a test peel on each substrate before use. 
A minimum wet film thickness (WFT) of 250 Microns [100 Microns dry film thickness (DFT)] must be achieved, anything less may result in the product becoming  difficult to remove. Do not apply in wet or freezing conditions and protect from rainfall.
By Spray:
Apply with airless spray gun, using a 17 thou tip size and a box coat to achieve a minimum WFT of 250 Microns (100 Microns DFT).
By Lambswool Roller – Apply 2 coats, allowing 1st to tack off. Apply generously to  achieve a minimum WFT of 250 Microns (100 Microns DFT).
Tack Free Drying Time:
A WFT of 250 Microns will be tack free in approximately 120 minutes at room temperature. Force drying may be used by using moving air and increasing the surface temperature to a maximum of 50°C.
The theoretical coverage rate is approximately 5m2 per kg at a WFT of 250 Microns. 
Removal: The dry film can be easily removed either by hand peeling or by pressure hose. Do not  remove in freezing conditions as the coating may be brittle.
Weather Resistance:
RustPrufe is suitable for up to 12 months UV exposure. 
Clean Down:
Clean rollers and equipment with water immediately after use.
Repair: If the protective coating rips, repair by lifting the ripped patch and apply a fresh coat to  the underside and reseal. Alternatively, cut away the damaged area and apply a fresh coat.
Technical Information
Tensile Strength: >5 MPa
Viscosity: 18000 ± 2000 cP @ 20°C
Solids Content: 45 ± 2 %
Elongation: >1000 %
Flash Point: N/A
Adhesion: < 1.0 MPa
Density: 1.09 kgl-1 Maximum VOC: 80 gl-1 pH: 7-8




Technologies We Use

  • seal saver

  • turbowerx

  • Oil Watch

  • ATS Electrolube