Vacuum Dehydrator

Vacuum dehydration is a method of removing free water and water moisture from lubricating or transformer oils. The technology allows for water to “boil” and steam away, without chemically deteriorating or oxidising the oil. Our systems are fully automated and designed to strip away all moisture at a low operating temperature of 50ºC

The Filter Focus vacuum dehydration system is highly efficient and can remove up to 50L of water per day under normal operating conditions.


  • Rapid removal of all water, gasses and acids
  • High efficiency demulsifying properties
  • Self-contained, fully automated, Filter Focus One touch Control System
  • Online operation, condition and revive your oil without shutting down, draining oil or experiencing lost production

The value of this product to Mining, Industrial and Production plants is tremendous, as it greatly extends useful oil life, while protecting lubricated components in turbines, gearboxes, lubricating and hydraulic systems. The Vacuum Dehydrator has been proven to perform well beyond any other competitor product, and is particularly well suited for online transformer purification."
Filter Focus is able to ensure vastly extended lifecycles of lubricated and rotating equipment. An additional benefit is dramatic reductions in oil consumption and the associated disposal costs thereof.
Water contamination in lubricated systems promotes oxidation; compromises lubricity and can lead to failures in components such as bearings and shaft journals, as well as the jamming of mechanisms such as pilot valves, trip cylinders and hydraulic pistons. Additives are contained in oil to improve lubricating properties. "These additives can, however, be washed out or removed by water contamination, chemically     altering and leaving the oil underperforming.”
In numerous tests run by Filter Focus on the Vacuum Dehydrator and oil purification system, results have been impressive. During a recent evaluation at Hulamin in Pietermaritzburg, we addressed hydraulic oil with 34% water content on a 2000L static tank. Within three days of operation and independent verification and oil analysis through Engen Fluidlink, the levels were reduced to 0.00% water content.
Another evaluation conducted by a TSB sugar production plant in Malelane, identified 22.5% water, in an operational turbine. (with continuous water ingress) The 5000L oil reservoir was dehydrated and purified while in operation, achieving 0.00% water content.

  • Wet or emulsified oil is drawn into the System under vacuum.  
  • The  first  chamber  is  a  quiet   zone; leading  to thermostat controlled heaters  and  from  there, into  the vacuum separator underlow pressure, low humidity conditions.
  • This provides the ideal environment to quickly and effectively evaporate dissolved water and gasses.
  • All vapors and gasses enter into the condensation unit and are released into the water receiver.  
  • Cleaner, dryer oil is passed back to the oil tank. 
  • Dependent on volume of water contamination, multiple passes may be required to achieve target dehydration levels.
  • Automated water dump, no operator required



Company: TSB Sugar
Application: ISO 68 Turbine Oil
Product: Filter Focus Automated Vacuum Dehydrator
Original Reference Letter :  
Company: ENGEN
Application: Vacuum Dehydration
Original Reference Letter : 



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