EXA 24VDC Pump

24V DC EXA Pump - Manufactured to US Military and Aviation specifications, self-priming, strong and built to last!
NASCAR approved oil scavenger pumps

Mounting and installation

Choose a location with some air-flow. The least desirable location is a small boxed in region with no air-flow at all. Although the pump is very resilient, avoid locations that expose it directly to excessive water splashing.

It makes no difference whether the pump is mounted low, near a vehicles turbo, or the engine /firewall, or any other harsh environment. The pump can self-prime from any height less than 1.5m above the lowest point in the plumbing. It can push the oil virtually any height or distance in any application, high viscous fluids are not a problem, the pump has been tested up to ISO 6000 viscosity.

The pump will run in any orientation – vertical, horizontal, upside down, and at any angle. You are free to mount it however you like. However for minimum noise and maximum reliability, the recommended bolt/screw is a 1/4”-20; with a Nylon insert lock nut (aka “Aircraft nuts”), and a washer. The idea is to not compress the anti-vibration rubber mounts since this will increase noise transmitted though the mount. Tighten the lock nut where it just starts to deform the rubber. The Nylon insert lock nut will not loosen. You may also remove the supplied mounting bracket and create your own. Simply remove the two self-tapping screws from underneath, but do not use screws that are any longer than the ones removed. Just be aware that pump noise will increase slightly without some similar rubber isolation.

Electrical Connections

Electrical supply 24V DC
Reversing the polarity of the wiring will NOT reverse the flow of the pump. “IN” is always in, and “OUT” is always out.

After the electrical connections are completed, energize the pump and verify that it is getting no less than 1 volt below the voltage measured at the battery. First measure the voltage at the battery with the pump on. Then measure the voltage in the red wire as close to the pump body as possible. If you are measuring much below this, locate where the voltage drop is occurring, and correct. For some systems with unavoidable voltage drops, it may require running the pump from a key-switched external relay connected directly to the battery through an in-line 10 amp fuse.

Pump plumbing

The inlet and outlet are 3/8” NPT. You can use most any fittings you need

Alternative applications

The EXA pump can be used to;

  • Pump transmission fluids.
  • Pump system coolant fluids.
  • Circulating of engine and hydraulic oil.
  • Pressure pump for water/alcohol injection.
  • Circulate final drives and wheel bearings.
  • Off-line filtration of any hydrocarbon
  • The EXA is ideally suited for diesel fuel as well.


Pumping Rate: 5.6LPM (336LPH) @ 24 volts. Maximum Fluid Temperature: 300F (149ºC) Current consumption: <3.2 amps
Inlet/Outlet fittings: 3/8” NPT female Dimensions: 7.0” x 4.5” x 4.0” Weight: 2.5 Kg

Distributed throughout Africa by Filter Focus SA (Pty) Ltd

• 4 - 8 LPM Scavenger pump rate (depending on oil  temperature/viscosity)
• 24V DC, 350kPa continuous duty pump
• Up to 149ºC fluid temperature
• 3/8” NPT female threaded pump head ports
• Self-priming greater than 1meter 
• Hardened bronze gear pump rotors
• 10,000 Hour rated dual hybrid ball bearings
• 10,000 Hour rated over-sized brushes
• Black anodized extruded aluminium pump casing
• Nickel-plated pump head
• Stainless steel pump head fasteners
• High-temperature power wiring
• Weatherproof connectors
• Rubber-isolated mounting bracket
• Low-vibration, quiet
• 3” diameter motor
• 2.7 kg total weight
• Reversible pump flow via power polarity reversal
• Pump will run at any orientation or at any angle

Technologies We Use

  • seal saver

  • turbowerx

  • Oil Watch

  • ATS Electrolube