Flow Pro FP67 Pump

Flow Pro

Flow Pro volumetric pumps are designed, manufactured and adapted to the specific requirements of industrial customers. Utilising CMtec technology they are capable of combining the advantages of both, a gear pump and vane pump.

Unlike most existing pumps, the stator is not cylindrical butconchoidal, allowing the use of monobloc blade technology. The vanes are driven rotationally by the rotor and their edges are in permanent sliding contact with the stator. The eccentricity of the stator bore creates the volume corresponding to the pump's internal capacity. When the pump is in operation, during the aspiration phase, the volume between the vanes increases and generates suction. During the discharge phase, the opposite phenomenon occurs generating the output pressure. Flow Pro pumps are self-priming and positive displacement

Flow Pro features
  • Ability to handle highly viscous products and fluids with particles up to 200 microns in size
  • Exceptional reliability over the lifetime of the pump
  • High volumetric positive displacement pumping whatever the rotation speed and viscosity
  • "Tailor made" pumps due to Cmtec monobloc blade technology
  • Direction of fluid flow independent of the shaft rotation direction (for reverse plus system)
  • High aspiration capacity to facilitate self-priming
  • Smooth transfer: no shearing effect
  • Integrated safety by-pass protecting the circuit
  • Simple and rapid maintenance
  • Self-priming pumps
Application examples
  • Transfer of chemicals.
  • Transfer of fibre-lubricating products in the textile industry.
  • Lubrication of machine tools, engine or gear wheels.
  • Diesel feeder on railway engines.
  • Transfer of products in oil-related industries.
  • Lubrication of railway or public works equipment.
  • Re-conditioning of industrial drums.
  • Transfer of feed for bee hives.
  • Emptying of industrial fryers.
  • Transfer of glycol water in cooling installations.
  • Cleaning and filtration of oil in closed circuits. 
  • Hydraulic transfer for lubricating units or hydraulic materials
  • Transfer of paint and paint related products
Range flow (m3/h) 0 - 6
Speed rotation range (RPM) 0 - 1,500*
Fluid viscosity range (cST) 1 - 10,000*
Pump vacuum (Bar) -0,5
Std. operation pressure (Bar) 5
Maximal pressure (Bar) 10
Std. operating temperature (oC) -20/+50
Body and stator materials Cast iron
Shaft and blades materials Hardened steel
Integrated by-pass Yes
Maximal size of hard particles 200 microns
Acoustic pressure 75 db
Seal type Mechanical seal











* Board viscosity/speed

viscosity (cSt) Maximum speed (RPM)
0 - 1,000 1,500
1,000 - 3,000 1,000
3,000 - 5,000 750
5,000 - 10,000 500
> 10,000 200
Flow calculation:
curves below are given for a pump FP80 (80cm3 by rotation) for a FP30 it is necessary to multiply by 90 and to divide by 80 (flow is proportional to the cubic capacity of the pump and at the speed rotation of the engine).



Technologies We Use

  • seal saver

  • turbowerx

  • Oil Watch

  • ATS Electrolube