Why is 1-Micron filtration so important ?

Common misperceptions about filtration
If a 10 micron in-line filter blocks prematurely and has to be serviced on a frequent basis, then by installing a finer micron filter, maintenance will become more frequent, more costly and maintenance intensive. THIS IS INCORRECT!

The science of Tribology shows that each particle of contamination effectively generates 3 wear metal particles – a wear ratio of 1:3.

If all contaminants up to and including 10 micron are able to pass directly through a 10-micron filter screen, and go on to create additional wear particles, COMPOUNDING exponentially, until a grinding solution is formed. The grinding solution continues to wear away components and block filters as a result. Break the chain of growth, by stopping these microscopic particles before they do damage, thereby increasing equipment and filter life. A logical approach to the problem yields dramatic results.

The case for increasing filter micron size
This will provide longer filter life but will negatively impact lubrication cleanliness resulting in rapid chemical degradation of the oil, shortening life of the oil and the equipment it is lubricating. This is a negative approach to cost reduction.

The case for maintaining filter micron size
Operations will continue as normal, running costs will remain high and equipment life will continue to be impacted by inferior lubrication cleanliness and quality. This is a static to negative approach to cost reduction.

The case for decreasing filter micron size to 1 micron
By fitting an additional 1 micron offline filter, all contamination above 1 micron will be stopped and will be limited in creating further wear. As less particle wear is created, this results in cleaner oil, maintaining the additive package and results in LONGER FILTER LIFE, INCREASED EQUIPMENT LIFE and regular oil drains become a practice of the past. This is a proactive and very successful approach to immediate cost reductions.

We set the standard for hydrocarbon cleanliness by effectively breaking the chain of compounding wear; caused from external particulate contamination in fuels and lubricating oils.

We achieve this by making use of the most innovative and unique ultra-fine filtration systems and breathers available. Technology is proprietary to Filter Focus, thereby offering cost effectiveness and a quick Return On Investment.

Technologies We Use

  • seal saver

  • turbowerx

  • Oil Watch

  • ATS Electrolube